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Canada Commissions Frigate Simulator (Oct. 11)

HALIFAX---The Honourable Senator Jane Cordy, on behalf of the Honourable Art Eggleton, Minister of National Defence, today commissioned the new Canadian Patrol Frigate combat training simulator, referred to as the Operations Room Team Trainer (ORTT), at CFB Halifax.

Designed and built by Lockheed Martin Canada at a cost of $65.8 million, the ORTT will provide the Canadian Navy with a cost effective, state-of-the-art training system. Sailors will have the opportunity to practice their responses to realistic multi-threat scenarios that may occur during peace or wartime operations.

"The new system is designed to provide our sailors who control a variety of complex tactical missions at sea with a cutting-edge, land-based training system," said Minister Eggleton. "I am proud, on behalf of the Government, to be in the position to provide the men and women of the Canadian Forces with the best tools that allow them do their jobs and to practice their professional skills."

The ORTT simulates the Integrated Operations Room that was designed by Lockheed Martin and installed on the HALIFAX Class Canadian Patrol Frigates (CPFs). It maximizes the use of low cost commercial technologies and allows for easy modifications to accommodate changing requirements.

"This is another example of Canada's defence industry working together with our armed forces in a superb display of teamwork," said Senator Cordy. "We are witness today to an effective and efficient collaboration that assists us in meeting our National Defence objectives."

"The ORTT is a cost-effective, modern system that will provide the Navy with the opportunity to train for hostile, life threatening situations in a controlled environment," said Dan Spoor, President of Lockheed Martin Canada. "This technology is designed to meet the requirements of the Canadian Navy and will train our sailors to respond to virtually any situation they may encounter at sea."


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