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Boeing, Fairchild Dornier Pick Sextant (Oct. 12)

NEW ORLEANS---Thomson-CSF Sextant has been selected by Fairchild Dornier for the supply of the Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument (IESI) for its new 728JET and its derivatives.

Thomson-CSF Sextant's IESI was recently certified on the Embraer 135/145 aircraft, and is expected to be certified and start operations on the 728JET end of 2002.

The introduction of Thomson-CSF Sextant's new IESI is revolutionizing standby instrumentation. Altitude, Attitude and Airspeed functions were previously found on three separate instruments and resulted in a good deal of clutter in the cockpit. Those days are over thanks to Thomson-CSF Sextant's new IESI, precision built with in-house active matrix LCD technology from Thomson-LCD.

The IESI comes in a 3 ATI instrument format and will offer aircraft manufacturers and operators obvious benefits such as weight and cost maintenance reduction and cockpit space savings. The instrument, a single LRU with internal attitude and pressure sensors, will also provide increased reliability when compared to electromechanical instruments, with mean-time-between-failures (MTBF) three to four times higher than equipment used today. The fact that a three in one instrument will mean only one part number for 3 functions will also positively affect product support. This instrument will be the perfect complement to the new all glass-AMLCD cockpit designs due to its improved pilot readability.

Thomson-CSF Sextant is the only manufacturer with full in-house capabilities to provide the components required for this type of instrument. Sextant benefits from the extended expertise of its own in-house LCD glass supplier, Thomson LCD, as well as from its expertise and leadership in conventional standby instrumentation, solid state pressure sensors and inertial sensors.

Thomson-CSF Sextant, the European leader and world-renowned partner in avionics and cabin electronics, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thomson-CSF, a world leader in professional electronics for civil and defense markets. (ends)

Fairchild Dornier Selects Thomson-CSF Sextant's IESI