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Alenia Marconi Role In Horizon Frigates (Nov. 2)

The prime contract for the Horizon programme was awarded on Friday 27 October to a newly formed joint venture between Fincantieri and Finmeccanica (for Italy) and DCN and Thomson-CSF (for France). A further joint venture between Finmeccanica and DCN/Thomson-CSF will soon be formed with responsibility for the Combat System.

Alenia Marconi Systems (AMS), as a system integrator and supplier of Combat Management Systems (CMS) and other major subsystems, is shortly expect to be awarded new contracts for the 4 Italian-French Horizon class frigates.

For the Italian Combat System, AMS will be responsible to its shareholder Finmeccanica for the main part of the Combat System Design, Integration and Acceptance, for a large part of the Combat Management System (CMS) development and for the supply of a number of high-tech Non Development Item (NDI) subsystems.

The CMS will be jointly developed by AMS and Datamat for the Italian frigates, and by DCN and Thomson-CSF for the French frigates. AMS will participate in the Design Authority, System Integration and Acceptance. Further work will be carried out in the areas of the Sensors Management and Data Fusion, the Displays Software (HCI) and the Multifunction Consoles, where commonalities may be exploited with PAAMS AMS Displays developments.

AMS will provide full product support and any necessary upgrades for any future applications.

AMS is the designated supplier of the following subsystems:

**the multi-sensor weapon control systems for guns
**the Combat System Data Bus
**the Interrogator Friend-or-Foe (IFF)
**the integrated Navigation Radar and Navigation Subsystem (in cooperation with SAGEM)
**the Surface Surveillance Radar (in cooperation with Finmeccanica- Officine Galileo)
**the decoy launching system (in cooperation with Finmeccanica - Otobreda)

Alenia Marconi Systems is a major contributor to PAAMS the Principal Anti-Air System.

For Horizon and the UK Type 45. Alenia Marconi Systems has been selected as:

**Lead contractor for the S1850M long range radar
**Lead contractor for the VLS launcher
**A major contributor to the development and production of the Aster missile system.

In addition, for Horizon, Alenia Marconi Systems has been selected as lead contractor for EMPAR - multi function radar and associated command and control system.

Alenia Marconi Systems is a world leader in naval systems, coastal surveillance and Vessel Traffic Management (VTMS) systems, with over 450 systems and control centres installed in more than 30 countries worldwide. Alenia Marconi Systems is an equal shares joint venture between Finmeccanica in Italy and BAE Systems in the UK.


Alenia Marconi Systems' ParticipationIn The Horizon Programme