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Australia Forms Defence Imagery Agency (Nov. 8)

The Minister for Defence, John Moore, today announced the formation of the Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation (DIGO).

This initiative brings together three separate parts of the Defence Department: the Australian Imagery Organisation (formerly located within the Defence Intelligence Organisation), the Directorate of Strategic Military Geographic Information (formerly located within the Defence Headquarters), and the Defence Topographic Agency in Bendigo, Victoria.

"Imagery and geospatial information provide information about our world. When combined, as we have done with this new organisation, they enable Defence to extract knowledge for specific strategic and planning purposes," Mr Moore said.

Key uses for this kind of information include situational awareness, decision making and operational planning.

"The change announced today will provide the Australian Defence Organisation and the Government with intelligence and geospatial information needed to effectively operate in an increasingly complex environment.

"A modern and versatile defence force needs reliable information, ranging from accurate paper maps to digital data for electronic equipment, to three-dimensional computer models for planning operations.

"Advanced weapons systems in particular require 'smarter' geospatial information to support them and Australia must be able to produce this information. The formation of DIGO is a significant step in developing this capability," said Mr Moore.

While the Defence Topographic Agency will be integrated functionally into DIGO, it will remain in Bendigo, reflecting the continuing commitment from Defence to regional Australia.

The Director of the new Organisation is Mr Chris Stephens.


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