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Austria, Hungary Discuss Defense Industry (Mar. 17)

In the framework of a joint conference on defense economy and defense industry Hungarian and Austrian defense experts together with university representatives reviewed the possibilities of the closer economic relations to be developed within the European Union as well as the options of a long-term economic and industrial co-operation on the basis of mutual advantages. The patron of the discussion held on 3rd March Mihály Zámbori, Ministry of Defence State Secretary for Defence Economy greeted the members of the high-ranking Austrian delegation - among them Ministerial Advisor dr. Stix Rüdiger and Academic Professor A Min Tjoah, Dean, University of Technology, Vienna - and the Hungarian participants.

In his address head of Department Dr. György Nógrádi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, MoD Electronics, Logistics and Property Management Co. reminded his audience of the historical traditions of the co-operation in the fields of defense economy and war industry between the countries and of the mutual advantages of joint planning and development. He emphasized that with Hungary’s accession to the European Union new prospects open in the relationship of the two neighboring countries in the field of harmonizing the research and developments in defense industry, as well.

The members of the conference were informed about both the activities of the Austrian and Hungarian companies in defense industry, about their development projects and ideas, and the main business results.

The participants of the discussion reviewed the state of defense industry in the two countries, the possible forms of a joint development and action in particular their significance with respect to enforcing the common foreign and security EU policy, and discussed the experiences of the civil-military co-operation seen from the perspectives of Hungary and Austria. Both the Austrian and the Hungarian speakers equally considered the organization of the conference an event of great significance stressing that the geographical and historic nearness should be utilized in discovering the closer economic possibilities hidden in the EU community and in laying the foundations of the co-operation in defense policy and defense industry based on mutual advantages.

Austro-Hungarian Conference On Defence Economy And Industry