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AN-26 Medevac Plane For Hungarian AF (Mar. 18)

The An-26 aircraft of the HDF Air Force equipped to perform ambulance (Medevac) tasks was recently introduced at the ‘Dezső Szentgyörgyi’ Airbase.

After the ground display, the Szolnok-based aircraft took off for an approx. two-hour route flight, with several medical experts aboard, who were able to assess the aircraft’s equipment and deployability during the flight, while after landing they took part in a professional discussion to change opinions about what they had seen, and to make proposals for the necessary modifications.

The cargo space of the An-26 can be converted to perform ambulance tasks even in an hour. The aircraft usually flies at an altitude of 5500 meters, but if the patient’s state does not allow it, it can perform its tasks at a lower altitude as well.

At the same time, ten sitting and six lying patients can be transported aboard, by means of a vacuum mattress stretcher suspended by straps. The aircraft is also equipped with a rolling stretcher making intensive care possible, fitted with devices for monitoring the patient’s life functions, respirator and defibrillator. The care and supervision for the patients are provided by three doctors and three specialized nurses aboard the plane.

The An-26 Ambulance Plane