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Boeing Wins Turkish AEW Program (Nov. 28)

SEATTLE---A Boeing-led team, including Northrop Grumman's Electronic Sensors and Systems Sector, Havelsan, Turkish Airlines (THY) and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), has been selected to begin negotiations on developing the Republic of Turkey's new airborne early warning & control (AEW&C) system

Negotiations on a contract, expected to be worth more than $1 billion, could begin early next year.

The system includes six 737 AEW&C aircraft, an option for one more, plus ground support segments for mission crew training, mission support and system modification support.

"The selection by Turkey, along with the earlier selection by the Australian Defence Force, validates the 737 AEW&C system as the centerpiece for the next generation of airborne early warning systems,'' said Patrick Gill, Boeing 737 AEW&C programs manager. "This selection is the result of a very thorough and comprehensive evaluation process by SSM, which is the procurement agency for the Turkish AEW&C system program. They communicated exactly what they wanted and challenged us to meet their requirements,'' said Gill.

AEW&C fills the need for both airborne surveillance and command and control functions for tactical and air defense forces.


Boeing Team Wins TurkishAirborne Early Warning & Control System Program