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ATK To Manage US Army HERA Ammo (Nov. 29)

MINNEAPOLIS---ATK (Alliant Techsystems) said it has been selected by the U.S. Army Operations Support Command, Rock Island, Ill., to be the Army's system manager for production of 105mm M927 high-explosive, rocket-assisted (HERA) artillery ammunition under a basic contract valued at $4.1 million. The contract includes an option that could increase the total value to $6.8 million and continue production through 2002.

Program management responsibilities will reside with ATK Ammunition Systems Company, New Brighton, Minn. Production work will involve both the manufacture of new projectiles and the refurbishment of existing rounds from inventory.

Michael McCann, president, ATK Ammunition Systems Company, said the contract adds an important new product to ATK's growing munitions portfolio and provides an opportunity to expand the company's role as a key industry partner to the U.S. Army ammunition community.

"This is the first time the Army has chosen a contractor to act as the system manager for this program,'' said McCann. "We are honored that the Operations Support Command has selected us to fulfill this important role, and our entire team is committed to making this transition to industry management a success.''

McCann said ATK will apply its more than two decades of experience as a large-caliber ammunition systems manager for the Army to its new role as the 105mm M927 HERA artillery program manager.

ATK has been an industry partner to the U.S. Army and its soldiers for more than 60 years. Sales to the Army accounted for approximately 32 percent of total revenues in the most recent fiscal year, making the service the company's single largest customer. Major ATK Army programs include small-caliber, medium-caliber, and large-caliber ammunition, the Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW), anti-tank and anti-personnel barrier systems, and munitions fuzes.

ATK Ammunition Systems Company is part of ATK's Conventional Munitions business segment, which reported sales of $430 million in fiscal year 2001.

ATK is a $1.1 billion aerospace and defense company with leading market positions in munitions, smart weapons and precision capabilities, propulsion, and composite structures. The company, which is headquartered in Hopkins, Minn., employs approximately 6,400 people and has three business segments: Conventional Munitions, Aerospace, and Defense Systems.


ATK Selected to Be U.S. ArmySystem Manager for 105mm Artillery Ammunition