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Agusta Delivers 100th A109 Power Helo (Dec. 7)

Agusta today delivered the 100th A109 Power to Austrian customer SchenkAir. The helicopter will be operated in an EMS configuration. More than 35 aeromedical A109 Power have been purchase by 16 operators and are either presently in service or will soon begin operations.

The military version has won order for 30 aircraft from South Africa while the police version is in service with US, Italian and UK police forces. The Power, certainly the most stylish helicopters on the market, has also set the standard for VIP/Corporate application with more than 80 customers all around the world.

The Agusta A109 Power EMS combines the finest patient care environment with an airframe exceeding today's demands. Agusta is particularly proud of the A109 Power EMS's service in the aeromedical industry and the contribution to society so provided, setting the new standard in the aeromedical community.

The A109 Power is a twin engine helicopter of the three ton category equipped with two Pratt & Whitney 206C or Turbomeca Arrius 2K1 engines controlled by a Full Authority Digital Engine Control system (FADEC).

The Power is single pilot IFR certified. Category "A" take off from elevated helipads is possible at maximum takeoff weight. The Power satisfies the new European regulations relating to class one performance helicopters, with an external noise level below the limit set by ICAO (Annex 16) regulations.


100th A109 Power Delivered Today