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Algeria Said to Buy 50 MiG-29 Fighters (June 2)

Algeria has agreed to purchase at least 50 MiG-29 fighters at a cost of $1.5 billion-$1.7 billion, “Izvestiya” reported on 1 June. Algeria already has 193 Soviet-made jet fighters and, according to the daily, intends to replace them all, meaning that the Algeria contract could be “epochal” for the Russian arms industry.

MiG General Director Valerii Toryanin told the newspaper that MiG is currently working on 140 contracts with 28 different countries. Neither MiG nor the Algerian government would comment on the reported fighter deal. “Vedomosti” reported on 31 May that MiG is in the final stages of negotiating a $150 million contract to provide 12 Ka-52 military attack helicopters to Yemen. Toryanin told the daily that the contract will be concluded “in the immediate future.”

Center for Strategy and Technology Analysis Deputy Director Konstantin Makienko told the daily that the contract will be the first export deal involving the Ka-52. The Russian military has not yet purchased any of the helicopters, continuing instead to procure the Ka-50, Makienko said. Ilyushin Finans General Director Aleksandr Rubtsov told Interfax on 1 June that talks are under way to provide an unspecified number of Il-96 commercial airliners to India.

Russian military transport remains dependent on US. navigation technology

Russia’s military-transport aircraft use U.S.-made global-positioning-system (GPS) technology for satellite navigation, “Vremya Novostei” reported on 1 June, citing Lieutenant General Viktor Denisov, commander of the 61st Air Army. Denisov further told the daily that the aircraft of his unit are not equipped with any Russian-made navigation technology. He confirmed that it is possible that the United States could “turn off” its GPS system and leave Russian aircraft without satellite-navigation capabilities.

Russian Aviation Producers Anticipate Major Sales