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Bofors Unveils Improved Bonus Round (June 29)

To face the threat of armored vehicles with increasingly reduced infrared signatures, the FMV (Defence material administration) and Bofors Defence along with DGA and Giat Industries from France announced the third generation of intelligent artillery munitions.

In 2000, the French and Swedish government agencies (Délégation Générale pour l’Armement and Forsvaret Materielverk) anticipated the development of the targets to be treated by awarding to Giat Industries and Bofors Defence a development contract for a new version of the BONUS munitions detector.

This new version combines the use of already existing infrared detectors and a laser sensor intended to analyze the shape of the objects.

This new version of the munitions, called BONUS Mk II, will thus be able to treat these new threats with the same level of efficiency. The development of the Mk II version is now complete.

This version will enter into series production in mid 2005. An agreement has been reached between the four parties (FMV and DGA, Bofors Defence and Giat Industries) concerning the series deliveries that will commence during 2005.

The current version of BONUS is today in series production. More than one thousand shells have already been delivered to the French and Swedish armies. Production will continue until 2007.

BONUS Mk II – The Third Generation of Intelligent Artillery Ammunitions