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ADF Anti-Terrorism Training for Philippines (July 5)

A small team of ADF Special Forces personnel is deploying to the Philippines in coming weeks to continue non-lethal, counter-terrorism training with the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

This training is being undertaken as part of an annual exercise known as Dawn Caracha, conducted under Australia’s Defence Cooperation Program with the Philippines.

The exercise represents Australia’s ongoing commitment to assist the professional development of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, particularly in dealing with the threat from terrorism in the region.

Exercise Dawn Caracha aims to provide skills that assist the Philippines in its efforts to protect its citizens and visitors to the country against terrorist attack.

This year, the exercise focuses on command group training, the use of night vision aids, medical assistance and weapons safety.

Australia enjoys a strong and long-standing defence relationship with the Philippines. The ADF’s training and exercise programs with regional forces are valuable ways of maintaining and strengthening these relationships.

ADF Special Forces are held in high regard by our regional neighbors and this exercise is another demonstration of that.

Defence Strengthens Counter-Terrorism Cooperation With The Philippines