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Arrests in Murder of Russian Arms Execs (July 22)

The Prosecutor-General's Office announced in a 20 July press release that the suspected perpetrator and organizer of the June 2003 killing of Almaz-Antei General Director Igor Klimov have been detained and arrested, reported.

The Prosecutor's Office said that Klimov's killing was related to the killings of two heads of Almaz-Antei subsidiaries in 2002. Ruben Narimanov, director of the Ruslan production company, and Shaumyan Zavod General Director Mikhail Ivanov were shot dead in February and July 2002, respectively, the press release stated. "All of these contract killings are linked by a sole mercenary motive -- the redistribution of Almaz-Antei's property."

Many observers believe that President Putin had a personal interest in seeing Klimov's killing resolved, as Klimov had previously worked in Putin's presidential administration and was a former officer in the Foreign Intelligence Service.

Arrests Announced In High-Profile Killing of Defense-Contractor Head