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Agusta Announces Exhibit At Heli-Expo 2001 (Feb. 6)

Agusta SpA, a Finmeccanica Company, will be present at Heli-Expo 2001 on the heels of another year of growth.

The 2000 turnover stood at about 930 euro million with the export share accounting for more of 60%. The main contributors to the turnover are the services provided to customers and the delivery of 71 helicopters, of which 16 were to the military sector and 55 to the civil. The order book at year-end stood at more than 3,800 euro million with export orders accounting for about 70% of total order backlog. In 2000 the A109 Power again enjoyed another year of exceptional orders while the A119 Koala started its operational activities in South America and Far East.

Since its introduction in 1997, more than 170 Powers have been ordered around the world and the 100th Power had been delivered in December 2000. New A109 Power configurations are continuously developed answering market demand. After the introduction of the VIP/Corporate, in 1998 the Emergency Medical Service configuration started to operate. Up to now about more than 30 A109 Power EMS have been ordered by 9 countries.

In 1999 the Law Enforcement configuration was introduced scoring immediately success in UK, Italy China and USA, where the Power was the US Coast Guard choice. Currently other configuration like the A109 Power Harbour Pilot Shuttle and the Military one are under development. The last will enter into service with the South African Air Forces in 2002. The SAAF ordered 30 aircraft plus 10 options.

The A119 Koala single turbine eight-place helicopter has racked up sales worldwide, and deliveries have commenced to customers in Australia, Venezuela, Brazil, USA, Austria and the UK. Agusta is indeed pleased that its efforts to produce a truly outstanding product for the single turbine market has been so well received that the A119 has recently been defined in the press as "A Breed Apart". Recognition such as this reflects well not only on Agusta vision for the product, but also its market acceptance. The A119 was developed to satisfy the requirements of those users that require the performance, space and comfort of a twin engine helicopter, but that do not have the necessity for two engines.

In the Anaheim Convention Center the Agusta exhibit booth, Exhibit Hall D, Booth N. 100, will feature an A109 Power (S/N 11087) and A119 Koala (S/N 14006). Bell/Agusta Aerospace Company will be present in the Static Display Area and will exhibit the AB139 and BA609 mock-up.


Agusta at Heli-Expo 2001