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Canada Announces Defense Contracts (Aug. 17)

OTTAWA --- The Honorable Bill Graham, Minister of National Defence, announces the award of the following defense contracts and standing offers for the Materiel Group.

Supply Contracts

Mississauga, ON --- A $29.6-million contract was awarded to Indal Technologies Inc. for the provision of helicopter hauldown systems. With the intended procurement of 28 new Maritime Helicopters to replace the Sea Kings, the existing systems require modification. This contract is to supply twelve modified Helicopter Hauldown Rapid Securing Devices and related field engineering services aboard the twelve Halifax class ships in service with the Canadian Forces. Expected project completion date is December 2011.

Winnipeg, MB --- A $4.1-million contract was awarded to Peerless Garments Ltd. for the supply of tactical helicopter clothing. The company will provide 25,850 pairs of regular sized trousers and 18,680 regular sized flyers’ shirts as well as an estimated 250 special sized trousers and 250 special sized shirts for tactical helicopter crews. The clothing will be delivered by March 2006.

Ottawa, ON --- A $273,000 contract was awarded to Primex Project Management Ltd. for the provision of batteries. The firm will provide 6000 rechargeable nickel-cadmium specialized military batteries for portable communication systems. The batteries will be delivered by December 2004.

Waterloo, ON --- A $232,000 contract was awarded to Ontario Glove Manufacturing Company Ltd. for the provision of 13,000 anti-contact gloves for deployed troops. There is an option for up to an additional 13,000 pairs of gloves. The gloves will be delivered by January 2005.

Aurora, ON --- A $224,000 contract was awarded to Sinclair Technologies for the provision of 50 antennas to CFB Halifax. The antennas are used for operations and emergency radio communications on Canadian Forces warships. They are used extensively for ship to ship and ship to shore voice and data communications. The antennas will be delivered by September 2004.

Repair and Maintenance Contracts

Halifax, NS --- A $19.3-million contract was awarded to Halifax Shipyard, a division of Irving Shipbuilding Inc., for work on HMCS Iroquois. HMCS Iroquois is slated for a nine-month refit in Halifax during the summer of 2004. The refit will involve repair and refurbishment of a number of ship systems as well as significant painting and preservation work. Upgrades will also be completed on environmental, communication and engineering systems. The contract work is expected to be completed in March 2005.

Victoria, BC --- A $6.4-million contract was awarded to Victoria Shipyards Co. Ltd. for work on HMCS Ottawa. The work will be completed during a three-month docking work period which began in June 2004. The docking work period will include repair and refitting of various hull, propulsion, mechanical, electrical and weapons systems, as well as the implementation of a number of engineering changes. The hull and superstructure will also be re-painted. The contract work is expected to be completed in September 2004.

London, ON --- A $4.8-million contract was awarded to General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada Corporation for the provision of Technical Engineering and Maintenance Support Services in support of the Wheeled Light Armoured Vehicles, the Armoured Vehicle General Purpose fleet, and the Bison vehicles. The expected project completion date is March 2007. This contract has an option for up to five one-year renewal periods.

Edmonton, AB --- A $252,000 contract was awarded to Hanjer Diesel Ltd., operating as Smith Electric. This contract is for the repair and overhaul work of alternators from the Armoured Vehicle General Purpose, Bison, and Coyote fleets. The contract work is expected to be completed in March 2007. This contract has an option for up to two one-year renewal periods.

Standing Offers

Guelph, ON --- A standing offer of $2.5-million has been awarded to Humansystems Incorporated. The company will develop models and prototypes of modular headwear systems. The provision of services is on an on-call basis; each call will have a specified statement of work, schedule and deliverable. The standing offer ends in June 2007.

Bunaby, BC --- A standing offer of $417,000 has been awarded to Philip Analytical Services Inc. Work will include the supply of all labour, materials, tools, equipment, and supervision necessary to provide laboratory analysis on an “as and when requested” basis to 4 Wing Cold Lake. The standing offer ends in March 2007.


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