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Axsys Wins $18M for JWST Components (Aug. 20)

ROCKY HILL, Conn. --- Axsys Technologies, Inc., a fully integrated supplier of precision optical assemblies and components used in a variety of high performance commercial, aerospace and defense applications, announced that it has received a $18.6 million definitive contract from Ball Aerospace and Technology Corporation to produce beryllium optical substrates for the James Webb Space Telescope (“JWST”). The contract contains $9.9 million of production revenues and $8.7 million for facilitization.

As previously announced in September of 2003, Axsys Technologies’ Precision Machined Products division, located in Cullman, Alabama, was selected as part of the beryllium mirror team to produce a 6.5-meter primary mirror to be used on the JWST. The primary mirror is comprised of 18 individual lightweight beryllium segments. Northrop Grumman is the prime contractor for JWST, which is due to launch in 2011, and will replace the Hubble as NASA’s premier space telescope. Because of the large size of the primary mirror, JWST will be significantly more sensitive than ground-based infrared telescopes, enabling it to search for the first stars and galaxies formed in the universe billions of years ago.

Axsys’ contract includes the production of optical substrates for an engineering development unit, 18 primary mirror segments and support structures. We expect to complete the engineering development unit in the first quarter of 2005, with delivery of all 18 segments by the end of 2006.

Stephen W. Bershad, Chairman and CEO of Axsys Technologies, Inc. commented: “This order is very significant to Axsys and demonstrates our technical and market leadership in producing precision optical products for demanding applications. Additionally, it provides Axsys with an expanded knowledge base that we will be able to apply to new programs for applications beyond 2006.”

C.R. “Bud” Jenkins, President of Axsys’ Aerospace and Defense Group added: “We have been working with NASA, Ball Aerospace and the other members of the beryllium mirror team for over five years to prove the viability of beryllium on this program. We are excited about our contribution to such an important program and look forward to the successful launch and deployment of leading-edge technology.”

Axsys Technologies, Inc. is a fully integrated supplier of precision optical assemblies and components used in a variety of high performance commercial and aerospace/defense applications.

Axsys Wins $18.6M for Optical Components For JWST