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ADI Confident of Aerospace Future (Feb. 16)

ADI Limited, a leader in defence communications, is developing a sophisticated communications solution as part of its bid with Eurocopter for the Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter Acquisition Project, Air 87. The managing director of ADI, Mr Jean-Georges Malcor said success in the Air 87 contract would provide a significant boost to ADI's growing aerospace business.

ADI will work with Eurocopter on an extensive Australian industry involvement program including program management, communications, mission management and software support and a range of component manufacture, subsystem assembly and integration and through life support tasks.

The capabilities of ADI in extensive communications system development and integration will be offered to other aerospace projects.

ADI's growing aerospace business is focussing on avionics, ground systems, and software support for mission systems and through life support. It provides a broad service/support capability addressing aerospace needs including:

**Antennae and radome support.
**Instrument and equipment calibration.
**Facility management.
**Integrated logistics support.
**Navigation, control, optical and communications systems support.

"In addition to the Air 87 contract which is seeking armed reconnaissance helicopters for the Australian Army, the avionics upgrades of the long serving C130H transport aircraft used by both the Royal Australian and Royal New Zealand Air Forces are two other aerospace projects being targetted by ADI," Mr Malcor said.

ADI is a 50:50 joint venture between Thales (previously named Thomson-CSF) and Transfield. ADI is able to draw on Thales' extensive aerospace capabilities.

ADI will work closely with other Thales' aerospace service providers having an Australian presence, including: Airsys ATM and Thales Training Simulation Pty Ltd. The company is also building a strong relationship with Thales Avionics (previously known as Sextant) which is one of the largest avionics vendors in the world.

Another area of collaboration between ADI and Thales has seen ADI establish an optronics capability, which will market and provide through life support for Thales' extensive range of optronics products, including the TASMAN thermal imager. TASMAN is already being used by the Australian Defence Force and several other Australian Government agencies.

ADI will target the Thales optronics range at Australian and New Zealand markets for electro-optic sensors and systems.


ADI Confident of Aerospace Future