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Contextual Advertisements Now Online (Oct. 5)

PARIS --- has teamed with Google, the leading internet search engine, to provide its readers with focused, contextual advertisements to complement its leading-edge information service.

Advertisements served by Google now appear in the right-hand margin of most of’s editorial pages. These advertisements are generally related to the page’s content, although Public Service advertisements may initially appear while the real-time, automated system moves along its learning curve.

Readers will ultimately find that these advertisements complement editorial content, and provide leads to suppliers and partners whose products or services are related to the subject of the page.

Readers using firewalls (such as Symantec’s Norton Security, or similar products) will not be able to view the ads unless they disable their ad-blocking features. The advertisements may trigger what firewall programs identify as “ActivePerl” attacks, but which are in fact advertisements.

We advise readers to disable the ad-blocking feature in order to properly view the ads. Check your firewall’s “help” file for information about how to temporarily disable ad-blocking features.

New Contextual Advertisements Now Online