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British Aerospace To Supply Mobile Surveillance Vehicles To Austria (Jan. 13)

British Aerospace Systems and Equipment - BASE - has been awarded a contract by the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, to supply 30 Mobile Surveillance Vehicles (MSVs). The contract, worth several million pounds is one of the largest ever awarded in this market sector, and confirms BASE as Europe's leading supplier of covert mobile surveillance systems. The vehicles will be used by Austria's Border Authorities to help ensure the integrity of its borders against any illegal incursion.

This order from Austria is for the Pan European variant of the MSV, and follows the notable success of fleets of similar vehicles in service with the German and UK Customs authorities. In addition an all-terrain variant designed for rugged environments and hot climates such as those encountered in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, is currently under evaluation by a number of potential customers.
MSVs have been designed in conjunction with customs and border patrol authorities, to offer day and night covert surveillance using a BASE high performance thermal imaging camera controlled from within the vehicle. The crew compartment is comfortably equipped for long periods of covert operation, and is fitted with two TV monitors for real-time surveillance and recording. The vehicles can also be equipped with radio communications, navigation and moving map systems, according to customer requirements. BASE offers rapid delivery and provides a comprehensive programme of in-country product support.
BASE MSVs are recognised as an effective means of equipping customs, border patrol and security authorities with a 24 hour covert mobile surveillance capability. As such they are a key contributor to implementation of the recently established Schengen agreement, which seeks to maintain the integrity of the borders of the European Union countries, both current and future, and other states which are part of the Schengen accord.
BASE is a leading European supplier of high technology electronic solutions for defence, aerospace and related applications. In addition to its surveillance business, BASE specialises in motion sensing, navigation and reinforced and microwave plastics and stabilised sighting systems.

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