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Australia Helps Fijians Deploy to Iraq (Oct. 20)

The Australian Defence Force will provide assistance to a Fijian military contingent preparing to deploy under United Nations (UN) auspices to Iraq.

Defence Minister Robert Hill and Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer announced today that Australia will provide support with training, equipment and related logistics, following a request from the Government of Fiji.

Fiji will contribute a guard contingent and a personal protection detachment to the UN Assistance Mission to Iraq (UNAMI).

Australia strongly supports UN efforts to establish a significant presence in Iraq, involving the full range of agencies and with appropriate security protection.

Australia welcomes Fiji’s contribution to UNAMI and is pleased to support them through the provision of equipment and training.

We are keen to ensure the UN can deploy sufficient personnel to fulfill its mandate to advise and support the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq on the process for holding elections.

We strongly encourage the international community to support the Iraqi people on their path to democracy.

There are currently about 920 Australian Defence Force personnel in the Middle East, as part of multinational efforts to develop a secure and stable environment in Iraq.

Australia to Assist Fijian Deployment to Iraq