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Airlift Orders Five Agusta Helicopters (Oct. 28)

Agusta Aerospace Corporation, an AgustaWestland company, is pleased to announce that Airlift Northwest, located in Seattle Washington, after an extensive evaluation of available helicopter models, will acquire four Agusta Grand and two A109 Power helicopters.

Airlift will use the new helicopters to replace its existing A109MKII fleet that has served the program for almost 20 years. An extensive evaluation that involved mission demands for IFR environment, speed and range, as well as total ownership costs, customer support and most importantly a favorable working environment for the medical crews led to the selection of the AgustaWestland helicopters.

From coastal and island communities in Western Washington to high desert communities in Eastern Washington, Airlift Northwest provides medical transport to one of the largest and most geographically varied service areas in the world. The Power and Grand models were chosen by Airlift Northwest because the aircraft can successfully complete the multiple demands of this mission environment. AgustaWestland is proud to be associated with one of the leading air transport programs in the world.

Mr. Pugnali, the Agusta Aerospace Corporation Executive Vice President for Business Development and Operations, is proud to see that Airlift Northwest, a long time customer of Agusta, will be the EMS launch customer in the United States for the Agusta Grand helicopter, which is the newest helicopter in the AgustaWestland product line. The Agusta Grand bridges the gap between the light twin engine and the intermediate helicopter size and performance.

Airlift Northwest Orders Four Agusta Grand and Two A109 Power Helicopters