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Agusta in China Joint Venture for A109 (Nov. 2)

ZHUHAI, China --- Agusta, an AgustaWestland company, and Jiangxi Changhe Aviation Industies Company, an AviChina company, have today signed a joint venture agreement for sale, production, marketing and local support of the A109 Power helicopter.

The agreement signed during the Zhuhai Air show, between Jiangxi Changhe Aviation Industries Company, represented by its President, Mr. Hu Hau Yin, and Agusta, represented by Mr. Amedeo Caporaletti, AgustaWestland CEO, allows the joint venture to fulfil the growing Chinese light twin civil, law enforcement and emergency medical service helicopter market.

The joint venture between Agusta and Jiangxi Changhe Aviation Industry is a further cornerstone in a well-established collaboration started on March 1999 when Agusta had been awarded a contract by CATIC/AVIC II to design and develop the transmission for a new medium 6-ton Chinese helicopter together.

AgustaWestland is one of the largest helicopter companies in the world. AgustaWestland has its primary operations in Cascina Costa, Italy, and Yeovil, United Kingdom. AgustaWestland has two subsidiaries in the USA: AgustaWestland Inc located in Arlington, VA and Agusta Aerospace Corporation located in Philadelphia, PA., where helicopters are assembled and customized for the US market.

Agusta and Jiangxi Changhe Aviation Industries Sign Joint Venture Agreement