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Aero Industry Generating More Jobs (Nov. 10)

ARLINGTON, Va. --- Job growth continued in the aerospace sector during the third quarter of the year, with statistics gathered by the Aerospace Industries Association showing an ongoing rebound after hitting a 50-year employment low.

Since June, aerospace companies have added 7,500 new jobs, bringing employment in the industry to 587,600 nationwide. This increase builds on a jump of 8,500 jobs in the second quarter of the year and indicators are strong for the trend to continue, AIA officials said.

“It’s great to see employment in our vital industry continuing to increase,” AIA President and CEO John W. Douglass said. “It’s important that aerospace remain as a cornerstone in our national economy.”

The encouraging employment trend highlights a looming challenge for the industry, however. Our current workforce is aging, with a large percentage nearing retirement age. This coupled with increased demand for workers shows a dramatic need to redouble efforts to attract young people to aerospace careers and support training programs, Douglass said.

The number of aerospace jobs fell to a 50-year low of 568,700 in February. The growth of jobs in the industry dating back to March represents an increase of 18,900 jobs from that low point.

David Napier, AIA research director, said other indicators in the new numbers suggest the job numbers will continue to increase. For example, overtime hours have increased industry-wide and both orders and sales are on an upswing.

Aerospace Industry Continues Employment Rebound