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Boeing Sells EDD to L-3 Comm. (Nov. 23)

ST. LOUIS --- Boeing announced today the divestiture of Torrance, Calif.-based Boeing Electron Dynamic Devices, Inc. (EDD), a supplier of space and defense products, to L-3 Communications for an undisclosed amount.

After the transaction, EDD will continue to provide Boeing with satellite components and other products and services. The divestiture includes the sale of five of the six major EDD product lines: Linearized Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers, Space Traveling Wave Tubes, Military Traveling Wave Tubes, passive microwave devices, and electric propulsion. Boeing will retain the power electronics group of EDD as part of Boeing Satellite Systems. The group is a large component manufacturer of complete power systems for satellite payloads and buses.

"The sale of EDD is aligned with our long-term strategic focus as a lead systems integrator," said Roger Roberts, senior vice president of Space and Intelligence Systems. "The divestiture of EDD will enable Boeing to continue to offer premier satellite systems solutions to our customers, while preserving our relationship with EDD and our ability to leverage its capabilities to meet our customers' requirements."

Frank C. Lanza, chairman and chief executive officer of L-3 Communications, said: "The skill and expertise of the employees of EDD will enhance our ability to produce a range of components to the satellite industry. We look forward to working with EDD's management team to continue to provide high quality, state-of-the-art components that meet the requirements of customers in the aerospace markets."

For more than 40 years, EDD has been a leading product supplier to the space and defense industry. Historically known for its traveling wave tubes (TWT) and electronic power conditioner (EPC) product lines, EDD has broadened its capabilities and now offers a full range of satellite payload and bus products, including Passive Microwave devices, electric thrusters and Xenon Ion Propulsion Systems

Boeing Announces Sale of Electron Dynamic Devices, Inc.