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Aerojet Tests Hypersonic Engine (Dec. 3)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. --- Aerojet, a GenCorp Inc. company, conducted a series of simulated flight condition tests of its high-speed hypersonic engine for the HyFly program. HyFly (Hypersonic Flight) is a high-speed, long-range strike missile demonstrator program.

Tests of the Aerojet engine were conducted in a wind tunnel at speeds of Mach 4, 5 and 6.5. Flying Mach 6.5 is the equivalent of hitting a target 600 miles away in less than 10 minutes.

Aerojet is designing and building the hypersonic engine for Boeing Phantom Works, who will integrate the engines into the HyFly flight test vehicles.

"Aerojet's demonstration of its uniquely designed hypersonic engine demonstrates the company's abilities to meet the new needs of the nation's military," said Aerojet President Michael Martin. "Our hypersonic engine technology will enable the U.S. military to reach long-range threats in minutes, versus hours with current missiles." Flight tests are expected to get underway in 2006.

Aerojet is a world-recognized aerospace and defense leader principally serving the missile and space propulsion, and defense and armaments markets. GenCorp is a leading technology-based manufacturer of aerospace and defense products and systems

Aerojet Tests High-Speed Engine