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CACI Wins USAF Electronic Warfare Contract (Apr. 18)

ARLINGTON, Va.---CACI International Inc announced today that it has been selected to receive a five- year, $8.5 million, delivery order contract by the Air Force Research Laboratory, Sensors Directorate (AFRL/SN) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

The Integrated Electronic Warfare Threat Environment Applications Research (IEWTEAR) contract helps AFRL/SN's Integrated Demonstrations and Applications Laboratory (IDAL) evolve advance electronic warfare (EW) technology. For CACI, the award continues a successful series of contract wins in support of company goals to expand its intelligence business.

CACI's contract research will include developing emulations of battlefield conditions for laboratory demonstration/evaluation of EW technologies. The company will integrate EW technologies; define, simulate and evaluate radar threats to Air Force weapon systems; and help identify EW technology solutions to these threats. Example technology applications could range from radar to missile and weapons guidance countermeasures. CACI has already begun work on a delivery order to define an electronic combat radar threat environment.

The IEWTEAR contract also provides CACI with an opportunity to continue support of its Multi-Service Force Deployment (MSFD) team. The CACI MSFD team develops simulated threat scenarios for use by joint Army, Navy, and Air Force activities in both testing and wargaming. The MSFD-integrated land, sea, air, and space threat environment offers significant additional data and feedback that helps further refine system capabilities and effectiveness.

"CACI is helping the Air Force bring the battlefield environment to the lab,'' said Ken Johnson, CACI's President of U.S. Operations. "We're part of a research team developing precise research methods of evolving sensitive technologies that enable EW systems to stand up to battlefield conditions. To this mix, CACI offers reliability and expertise, with years of lab experience, systems integration, and threat intelligence support to ensure resilient and effective systems.''

CACI Chairman and CEO Dr. J.P. (Jack) London said, "CACI is pleased to receive this contract to support electronic warfare systems with the Air Force. It meets our strategic goals for increased business in the intelligence community, and it continues our partnership with a key player, the Air Force Research Laboratory and all its commands. Our expanding strengths in intelligence solutions offer clients continued assurance of responsive, high- quality support.''

CACI International Inc. is a worldwide leader in information technology, e-Business, and networld solutions. Founded on simulation technology in 1962, the company has evolved a diverse solutions portfolio for today's net economy. From across the technology spectrum, CACI integrates the networks, systems, and software for telecommunications, e-Commerce, information assurance, and all forms of information management. CACI centers of excellence are unique in the industry, offering "try-before-buy'' solutions so clients save time and resources. With approximately 5,000 employees and more than 90 offices in the U.S. and Europe, CACI meets complex client challenges with comprehensive, reliable solutions.


CACI Awarded $8.5 Million Electronic Warfare Contract With Wright-Patterson Air Force Research Laboratory