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1st Single-Seat Eurofighter for Italy Flies (Dec. 21)

The first single-seat Eurofighter Typhoon (IS002) to be delivered to the Italian Air Force has made its first flight from the air-field of Alenia Aeronautica’s plant near Caselle airport (Turin).

The Typhoon, piloted by the chief test pilot of Alenia Aeronautica’s defence aircraft, Commander Maurizio Cheli, has flown for 65 minutes (take-off at 12.54 p.m., landing at 1.59 p.m.) successfully completing the planned tests.

This flight is a further and important step in the aircraft’s production phase, after the acquisition, last December 14th, of the second production contract (Tranche2) for a further 236 units (46 of which for the Italian Air Force).

The single-seat Eurofighter IS002 is the seventh unit of those to be delivered to the Italian Air Force and is part of the first contract, “Tranche 1”, envisaging 148 units, of which 29 for Italy.

In Italy, six twin-seats Typhoons have been delivered (one to Cameri Base near Novara and five to Grosseto Base) to the Italian Air Force.

The IS002 first flight follows the type acceptance for series production single-seat aircraft, achieved last December 13th, granted by the four nations participating in the programme (Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom) and already ratified by the National Certification Authority of the Italian Defence Ministry (ARMAEREO).

Pilots and technicians of both Alenia Aeronautica and Italian Air Force have expressed full satisfaction: the Eurofighter IS002, once completed test and acceptance activities will join the other six twin-seats Eurofighters already in service within the Italian Air Force.

The Eurofighter Typhoon is the result of a quadrilateral collaboration of Governments and industries (Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain) for the manufacturing of an advanced swing-role combat aircraft.

Alenia Aeronautica participates in the Typhoon production programme, together with BAE Systems (UK), and EADS (Germany and Spain). The Italian company holds a share of 19,5% and is responsible for the left wing production, the design and production of the rear fuselage together with BAE Systems, of the design and integration of some on-board systems such as armament and navigation, and also of all the propulsion systems’ integration. The Italian company is also responsible for the final assembly and flight tests of all the aircraft for the Italian Air Force and for those for the foreign countries of its competence.

In addition to the partner countries, the Eurofighter has already been ordered (June 2003) by the Austrian Air Force, (18 units) and deliveries are envisaged starting 2008.

The Typhoon has also been down-selected by Singapore in a competition for a Future Fighter.

Alenia Aeronautica: First Flight of the Single-Seat Eurofighter Typhoon for the Italian Air Force