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Aerospace Conferences Announced (May 3)

Invaluable Opportunity to Examine the Most Recent Developments in Naval Aviation

The presentation and case studies at SMi's Second Annual Naval Aviation conference, provide an international perspective on carrier aviation and naval air doctrine.

This timely and informative event aims to address the major technical and policy implications of the trend towards forward deployment of air power from the sea. The main objective of this event is to analyse the advances in the design and operation of new platforms and address future requirements for aircraft carriers and both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

A substantial panel of international speakers has been assembled for this UK event, which takes place at SMi's purpose built conference centre in London on 9th & 10th July 2001. Key speakers include Rear Admiral Roland B. Knapp from US Navy and Major General Jim Amos from US Marines Corps who look at the future of maritime aviation. Other speakers include Captain Richard Hawkins from Royal Air Force, Captain Guiseppe De Giorgi from Italian Navy and Pavel Vlasov from Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG.

The presentations will also focus on the following issues: Joint Strike Fighter, Development in Carrier Borne AEW Systems: the E-2C Hawk Eye Merlin MK1 and the MiG-29 and MIG-29KUB carrier-based aircraft.

To compliment the conference, a one-day workshop entitled Generating Aircraft Sorties ­ Matching the Capabilities of Aircraft Carriers and Their Embarked Airwing, is being presented on 11th July 2001.

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Air Systems Technology Set to Drastically Change in Future

Air Systems and avionics is now not just in the cockpit of an aircraft but stretches from nose to tail. As more sophisticated equipment becomes available, the market for upgrading old aircraft is set to grow and grow.

At SMi's latest defence conference, 'Future Air Systems Technology', taking place at The Hatton, London, on the 3rd & 4th September 2001; defence executives are to discuss all aspects of the current issues and developments within this area. This event is set to be exceptionally informative, offering delegates the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the recent technological advances in this increasingly important area of military operations.

Furthermore, they will be able to hear the presentations from the leading military and industry experts in this field including Lt Col Glen Logan of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense who will be presenting on the benefits and challenges of integrated avionics. Other speakers include Dr Darrel Hopper, Senior Electronics Engineer, Air Force Research Laboratory; Robin Sleight, VP Customer Relations, BAE SYSTEMS & David Money, Chief Scientist, Alenia Marconi-Radar Division.

Key topics such as Research into Cockpit Displays, FAST implications for ageing aircraft programs, HMDS for Rotary and fixed wing aircraft and upgraded advanced avionics will all be discussed in depth.

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Examine the Most Recent Developments in Close Air Support

Providing air support to the troops on the ground has always been present in military aviation. However, the recent developments in modern warfare are making this issue complex. SMI's Close Air Support conference, taking place at The Hatton, London, 16th & 17th July 2001, aims to examine three main aspects of this increasingly important area of military operations: the air vehicle, the weapon systems and communication issues.

Key speakers include Colonel John Goodsir CBE from Royal Air Force who examines close air support doctrine and Wing Commander Andrew Brookes from International Institute for Strategic Studies who looks at the challenges facing close air support in the 21st century. Other speakers include Dr Henry Taylor from University of Illinois, Major General (Retired) Ole Fogh, from TERMA A/S, Squadron Leader Mike Saunders from Air Warfare Centre (UK) and George Minto from Lockheed Martin.

The issues of self-protection of aircraft in support missions and Integration of Hellfire Family to Platforms are also being examined.

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Naval Aviation, Close Air Support and Future Air System Technologies have been produced by SMi Defence Conferences. SMi's core function is the production of strategic management conferences, workshops, newsletters and management reports, developed through extensive research and strong relationships with government bodies, trade associations and professional advisors.

The SMi Defence sector produces conferences and publications covering topics as diverse as: Defence Digitization, Future platform development and systems integration, IT and Communications, Procurement and Policy, Missile and Weapons Systems, Logistics and Support, Training and Simulation.


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