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Aermacchi M-346 Expands Flight Tests (Mar. 8)

VENEGONO, Italy --- Yesterday the M-346, the Aermacchi twin engine advanced trainer, has performed its first flight in "dual FADEC" configuration, with both engine featuring full functioning digital electronic engines control.

The digital FADEC (Fully Authority Digital Engine Control) technology, developed by Honeywell for the F124-GA-200 engines installed on the aircraft, is superior to traditional control units, allowing accurate control of several functioning parameters and providing a more effective exploitation of the engine performance potential in flight.

The new FADEC system developed by Honeywell for the M-346 is based on a MAC (Modular Aerospace Control) modular architecture control platform, specifically adapted for the new trainer of Aermacchi.

The installation and testing of the FADEC control system has been accomplished one month in advance on the schedule and it's an important achievement in the experimental flight test campaign, currently aimed at widening the flight envelope and ultimately obtaining the type certification.

Aermacchi: First Flight in "Dual FADEC" Configuration for the M-346