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Aussie Army Details Tiger, MRH90 Helo Plans

Transcript of March 11 briefing by Lieutenant General Peter Leahy, Australia's Chief of Army:

“Minister Assisting the Minister for Defence, Mr Joseph Saporito and the crew from Australian Aerospace, members of the Defence Committee, thank you for coming, members of the press and ladies and gentlemen.

“It's wonderful to be able to welcome you here today to hear something about our new helicopters.


“Our aim today is to provide you with more information on the ARH Tiger and the MRH90 Troop Lift helicopter.

“And today's presentation will be in four parts. First a brief introduction from me.

“Second, Brigadier Tony Fraser, the Commander of the 16th Brigade Aviation will speak about the capabilities of the ARH and the MRH90 and how we plan in Army to employ them on operations.

“Third, Brigadier Mark Patch, the Director-General, Army Aviation Systems will speak on Australian industry participation in both the ARH and MRH90 programs.

“And fourth, there'll be time for questions and then the opportunity to inspect the ARH itself.”

Click here for the complete transcript of the briefing, on the Australian DoD website (HTML format)

Chief of Army Media Briefing: Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter and MRH 90 Additional Troop Lift Helicopters