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ADI Begins Delivery of Tiger ARH Helmet (Mar. 17)

ADI has commenced delivery of the state-of-the-art personalised helmet mounted sight display (HMSD) for pilots of the Australian Army’s Tiger armed reconnaissance helicopters (ARH).

All pilots of the 22 Tigers ordered by the Army will be aided by a custom-made helmet with the visor-like display as well as a full avionics suite including multi function displays (MFD). Tigers at the Avalon Air Show will be equipped with the HMSD.

Production of the helmets and the MFD follows a technology transfer to ADI from its joint owner, Thales and represents new technology for Australia. Pilots of Tiger helicopters in service with European defence forces will use the HMSD.

ADI is manufacturing parts of the HMSD and is responsible for integration and testing of the helmet and displays.

This new technology significantly aids the Tiger pilot by bringing together all the navigation, flying and armament information needed on computerised displays.

A production line set up by ADI for both displays was operational by the end of 2004. The first personalisation of a helmet was successfully completed in early January in an ADI facility.

Each helmet is personalised by scanning each pilot’s head and machining the helmet liner to ensure a perfect fit. This process produces unequalled comfort for the pilot and very high accuracy for the system. The technology transfer enabled ADI to acquire this technology.

ADI is confident the helmet and displays will generate export opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.

Personalised Tiger Helmet on Display at Avalon