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Aussie Govt. Defends Super Seasprite Helos (Mar. 21)

The [Royal Australian] Navy's Super Seasprite project has been misrepresented by claims made in today's Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

The aircraft is currently undergoing a certification process before it can become fully operational. Defence expects to receive a certified helicopter later this year.

Once accepted, the Super Seasprite will fulfil all of its planned roles including search and rescue operations in poor visibility.

This is a normal and proper process for Defence to follow in testing a new aircraft's capability, safety and airworthiness.

Defence does not take shortcuts when it comes to capability and technology that will be used by our Defence personnel.

The Super Seasprite will provide a significant capability boost to the Anzac class frigates.

Defence is also working through a range of issues that are expected to be rectified or mitigated by the time a fully capable helicopter is accepted by Defence.

Further flight testing is planned later this year to allow the fully configured helicopter to be presented to Defence's independent Airworthiness Board for certification.

Defence Statement - Super Seasprite Helicopters