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Canada Sets Defense Priorities (May 31)

OTTAWA - The 2000-2001 Annual Report of the Chief of the Defence Staff was tabled in the House of Commons today.

The report describes the major international and domestic operations undertaken by the Canadian Forces in 2000-2001, examines recent progress in strengthening the operational effectiveness of the Canadian Forces, and highlights the immediate priorities for the Forces.

These priorities are to manage the operational tempo, address the recruiting and retention challenge, and enhance the operational capabilities.

With the tabling of the report, the Honourable Art Eggleton, Minister of National Defence, applauded the hard work and ongoing contributions of the men and women of the Canadian Forces, and of General Baril, retiring Chief of the Defence Staff.

"The past year demonstrated yet again that National Defence is as important today as ever. I also want to take this opportunity to thank General Baril, who has done an outstanding job over the last four years," said Minister Eggleton.

General Maurice Baril emphasized the enormous changes that have shaped military affairs over the past decade and the impact of these changes on Canada's soldiers, sailors, and air personnel. "While we have made enormous progress in preparing the Canadian Forces for the future and in easing operational pressures on the Forces, it is the men and women of the Canadian Forces who have demonstrated the professionalism, dedication and endurance needed to sustain a high operational tempo, implement reforms, and deliver on Canada's contribution to peace and security. It has been an honour to serve my country with such talented men and women," added General Baril. (ends)

Click here for CDS Annual Report on Canadian Forces website (.pdf format)


Fourth Annual Report of the Chief of the Defence Staff Tabled in Parliament