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Air India Board OKs Purchase of 50 Boeings (Apr. 27)

The Board of Air-India at its meeting held in Mumbai today approved the aircraft acquisition plan after detailed examination of the recommendations of the in-house Techno-economic Committee appointed for examining the bids. The aircraft acquisition plan approved by the Board, subject to the approval of the Government, envisages procurement of :

-- 8 Boeing 777-200LR Medium Capacity Ultra Long Range aircraft in three-class configuration;

--15 Boeing 777-300ER Medium Capacity Long Range-350 seater, in three-class configuration, and

--27 Boeing 787 Medium Capacity Long Range-250 seater, in two class configuration, at a total cost estimated to be about Rs.30,000 crores, prior to negotiations with the manufacturers of air frame and engines.

Referring to reports appearing in a section of the press regarding alleged changes made after the issue of the request for proposal (RFP), Air-India would like to state that no changes whatsoever were made after issue of the request for proposal.

The Board took note of the fact that there are spillovers in the delivery schedules proposed by both the manufacturers with respect to one or more aircraft.

In any case, the final delivery schedule can be decided only after the necessary Government approvals have been obtained and orders are placed.

Air-India Board Approves Aircraft Acquisition Plan