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Alcatel, Snecma Team For Satellite Propulsion (June 20)

LE BOURGET---Snecma Moteurs has entered into contract to provide satellite plasma thrusters to Alcatel Space. Snecma Moteurs plasma thrusters will be utilized on most future Spacebus 4100 platforms, the most powerful geostationary platforms manufactured by Alcatel Space.

"We are very pleased with the signature of this long term agreement and our participation in the Alcatel Space platform with our Russian partner Fakel. We have made great strides to ensure our plasma product line is both of the highest quality and affordable" said Jean Paul Herteman, Vice President and General Manager Rocket Engines, Snecma Moteurs.

"This contract ensures the long-term future of plasma propulsion on Spacebus platforms," noted Jean Claude Husson, President and CEO of Alcatel Space: "Plasma propulsion technology was developed within the scope of the Stentor program, in collaboration with Snecma Moteurs. It offers significant weight savings, of at least several hundred kilos per satellite, and considerably increases thruster efficiency".

In 2001, Snecma Moteurs will nearly double its orders of both chemical and electric satellite engines. The greatest increase in production will be in the plasma product line where thrusters and propulsion systems have already been selected by operators worldwide.

Alcatel Space ranks among the world's leading space systems prime contractors. Leveraging its dual expertise in civil and military applications, Alcatel Space develops satellite technology solutions for telecommunications, navigation, optical and radar observation, meteorology, and scientific applications.

Alcatel Space established its world leadership in satellite orders in 2000, winning the most orders for geostationary communications satellites, with a total of 10 satellites (27% of the market). A fully-owned subsidiary of Alcatel (100%), Alcatel Space generated 2000 revenues of 1.4 billion euros and has 6,000 employees.

Snecma Moteurs is one of the world's leading aerospace propulsion companies, and the only one to offer a complete range of civil and military powerplants developing from just a few grams of thrust to nearly 1.5 million pounds. In the space sector, Snecma Moteurs rocket engines are used on all launch vehicles stages, as well as boosters. In addition to supplying the rocket engines for Ariane 4 and Ariane 5, Snecma Moteurs supplies propulsion systems for both strategic and tactical missiles, as well as satellite attitude and orbit control.


Alcatel And Snecma Moteurs Sign Long Term Agreement on Satellite Plasma Propulsion.