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Brazil Army Orders 8 More Cougars (June 22)

In presence of Brazilian Army Generals Marcelo (Chief of Staff) , Elito ( Commandant of AVEX), and French Army General Jeannot, Erocopter chairman Jean-François Bigay announced today the signature of a contract for eight more Cougar helicopters for Brazilian Army (AVEX).

The Brazilian Army (AVEX) has taken its operations to a new level by equipping its first helicopter battalion for logistical transport.

With the acquisition of a lot of 8 Cougar AS 532 UE helicopters equipped with a hoist, sling, side-mounted machine gun, and ferry fuel tanks, AVEX has expanded its range of activities in troop deployments, logistics, and Search and Rescue missions.

The Brazilian Army's helicopter force was formed in 1988 with the acquisition of 36 PantherAS 565K and 36 Ecureuil (Fennec) AS550U2 helicopters.

This fleet has been deployed over the enormous Brazilian territory in order to perform many challenging operational and organizational missions, in particular the surveillance of the Amazon rainforest. Operating out of its support base in Taubaté (in Sao Paulo state), a fleet of helicopters is prepared to travel to the most distant spots in the country.

What's more, AVEX is studying a midlife upgrade program in order to modernize its equipment. The aircraft would be equipped with night vision capabilities, and AVEX is also studying the possibility of re-engining and arming the Panthers.

It should be noted that Brazil will benefit economically from the contract. It includes technological offsets so that the country can develop its aeronautics industry.


Brazilian Army Orders Eight More AS532UE Cougar Helicopters