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Alcatel Repeater For Japan's MTSAT (June 22)

Alcatel Space announced today that it had won the contract to develop the aeronautical communications repeater for the Japanese satellite MTSAT-2. This satellite is being developed by prime contractor MELCO on behalf of the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. It has a dual-pronged mission, being used for air traffic control by the Japanese Civil Aeronautic Bureau, and for weather forecasting by the Japanese Meteorological Agency.

The MTSAT-2 satellite will carry two repeaters: the aeronautical communications repeater, for which Alcatel Space is in charge of design and production; and a meteorological repeater.

The aeronautical communications repeater, operating in L, Ku and Ka bands*, offers 1,750 watts of power. It is designed to support the new CNS/ATM (communications, navigation, surveillance/air traffic management) environment, in particular:

--Voice-data communications between the aircraft and air traffic control center, using the L band and AMSS (Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service) protocol which are dedicated to mobile communications.

--Satellite navigation, used to provide the geostationary complement to the current GPS constellation.

--- Air traffic surveillance, calling on the automatic position-reporting system ADS (automatic dependent surveillance), for enhanced control quality.

The MTSAT-2's aeronautical communications repeater will be assembled, integrated and tested in Alcatel Space's clean rooms in Toulouse, then integrated on the Melco platform.

With this major contract, Alcatel Space further bolsters its position in the aerospace communications market and consolidates its European leadership in this segment.


Alcatel To Provide Repeater For Japan's MTSAT-2; New Contract Bolsters Alcatel's Position In Global Aerospace Communications Market