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Aussie Navy Sea Kings Return to Flight (Jun 7)

Navy’s Sea King helicopters have commenced a graduated program to resume flying operations following the completion of a series of rigorous inspections and checks.

"The resumption of Sea King flying is a significant milestone," said Navy’s Maritime Commander Australia, Rear Admiral Rowan Moffitt today.

"We are confident that the comprehensive technical inspections and system checks conducted over the past two weeks have provided the necessary information to lift the suspension of flying operations of Navy’s Sea Kings."

Meanwhile, the Aircraft Accident Investigation Team (AAIT) continues its thorough investigative work into the Sea King accident on 02 April 2005 at Nias, in Indonesia.

The AAIT has confirmed that the disconnection of the flight control run remains their primary line of enquiry.

The recently established Board of Inquiry continues its preliminary work to determine the contributory facts and circumstances surrounding the Sea King crash.

Navy Sea Kings Resume Flying Operations