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Airbus Corporate Jetliner Awarded Basic Certification


The Airbus Corporate Jetliner (ACJ) aircraft has received its basic certification from the European JAA joint airworthiness authorities prior to two aircraft being delivered for interior outfitting.

The type certificate for the ACJ is not new, but rather is an amendment of the existing A319 type certificate required by additional modifications implemented in the Corporate Jetliner model of the aircraft.

The modifications that required re-certification included the installation of up to six auxiliary fuel tanks (ACTs), which give the A319 Airbus Corporate Jetliner up to 11,700 km. (6,300 nm) of range. In addition, the ACJ is certificated to fly at cruise altitudes of 41,000 feet and, in order to better accommodate the weight distribution of the VIP interiors, the aircraft has been certificated with a forward extension of its center of gravity range. In all other respects, the Airbus Corporate Jetliner is exactly the same as the commercial version of an A319, ensuring that the aircraft -- which has the widest and most spacious cabin in its class - retains a high residual value due to the ease with which it can be integrated into a commercial airline fleet.

Two ACJs destined for undisclosed customers will soon be delivered from the Hamburg assembly line, at which point the VIP cabins will be installed. One ACJ is being handled by Jet Aviation in Switzerland, and the second by Lufthansa Technik in Germany - both of which are approved outfitters for Airbus Corporate Jetliner cabins.

To date, a total of 14 firm orders and commitments have been booked for Airbus Corporate Jetliners.


Airbus Corporate Jetliner Awarded Basic Certification