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"Rock-Solid" Market For Communications (July 9)

NEWTOWN, Conn.---After examining 55 "typical" surface-based communications programs, Forecast International/DMS has concluded that the worldwide market for surface-based communications systems will be strong over the next decade.

"The Market for Surface-Based Communications Systems" projects the 55 programs to produce 288,560 individual surface-based communications systems from 2001 to 2010. Consumers are forecast to spend $10.145 billion on these programs during the period.

Forecast International will release "The Market for Surface-Based Communications Systems" study in August.

According to the study defense departments will fund some $6.836 billion on surface-based communications systems from 2001 to 2005. In the second half of the decade, these same defense departments are expected to spend $3.309 billion on such systems.

"This expenditure behavior is indicative of the program activity forecast to occur over the next ten years within the surface-based communications market," said Greg Giaquinto, Forecast International Research Analyst and author of the study. "Namely, as procurement expenditures for the older communications systems come to an end toward the middle of the decade, spending for the purchase of the next-generation of surface-based communications systems will begin."

In the coming decade "defense contractors will create surface-based communications systems that will be software-defined," said Giaquinto. "Place the correct software into a piece of equipment used for communication (for example, a radio, telephone, computer, etc.) and it will work just like any number of existing communications systems."

Giaquinto added, "Defense companies that concentrate their energies on designing software for surface-based communications systems over the next ten years will flourish within the surface-based communications market for some time to come."

Right now, defense forces worldwide find themselves in a "network age," a time when information networks are as critical as any weapon system in warfighting. Under the prevailing military concept of "network-centric warfare," information technology links the disparate combat elements so they have a complete picture of the battlespace.

An essential component of "network-centric warfare," is surface-based communications systems. Surface-based communications systems enable defense forces to communicate military tactics to one another on the battlefield. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that present day defense departments throughout the world have made the development of surface-based communications systems a high priority.

Forecast International's "The Market for Surface-based Communications Systems" is available as an individual report or as part of Forecast International's "Land & Sea-Based Electronics Forecast." The binder provides a sampling of the land & sea-based electronics market by surveying a number of lead products and systems in each area. Full ten-year forecasts, as well as unit and value of production charts are also provided.

Forecast International/DMS Inc., is a leading provider of Market Intelligence and Analyses in the areas of aerospace, defense, power systems and military electronics. Based in Newtown, CT, USA, Forecast International specializes in long-range industry forecasts and innovative marketing presentations, including regular 10-year forecasts.


Surface-Based Communications Market Rock Solid From 2001 to 2010