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Boeing, Sikorsky Team for PVR Systems (Jun 16)

PARIS AIR SHOW --- Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation announced today that they have reached a preliminary agreement with Boeing Air Force Systems to provide mission systems integration for its proposed HH-92 personnel recovery system for the U.S. Air Force.

Boeing is a world leader in designing, developing and integrating complex mission systems in a variety of weapon systems including numerous fighter and bomber aircraft, helicopters, E-3 and 767 AWACS, 737 Airborne Early Warning and Control, P-8A Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft and the Nimrod Maritime, Attack and Reconnaissance aircraft.

"We are proud to have Boeing Air Force Systems as our exclusive partner on the HH-92 team. Our goal and strategy is to create a total value solution for the customer by building a total program system to operate, maintain and sustain the weapons system from both operational and cost perspectives, providing total life support for the product," said Paul Martin, Sikorsky Senior Vice President of Government and Advanced Programs.

In mid-May, the Air Force launched a multibillion-dollar competition aimed at buying up to 146 Personnel Recovery Vehicle (PRV) weapons systems to replace its current combat search-and-rescue helicopter, Sikorsky’s HH-60G Pave Hawk. The Air Force's draft request for proposals for the PRV systems calls for five test helicopters and up to 141 production aircraft, with development to begin in fiscal year 2006 and production in 2008.

Boeing's integrated mission system solution offers a more effective, affordable, flexible and scaleable Network Centric Effects Based capability for its global military, government, and commercial customers. A leader in surveillance platforms and mission systems, Boeing has developed an open system architecture that enables the customer to incorporate various sensors and systems into a low cost, low risk, robust spiral developed solution.

The preliminary agreement is subject to Sikorsky and Boeing entering into a mutually satisfactory Teaming Agreement.

Sikorsky Aircraft to Team with Boeing Air Force Systems on PRV Bid