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Aermacchi in M-311 Pact with Turkey's TAI (Jun 17)

PARIS --- Aermacchi and the TAI, Turkish Aerospace Industry signed a Letter of Intent for an industrial cooperation for the new M-311 turbofan basic trainer program.

Key points of the agreement are the creation of a joint engineering team between the two industries, the identification of development and possible work-sharing of TAI in the M-311 program.

TAI will also be the exclusive partners for development and production of some selected parts of the M-311 and a joint commercial approach will allow to exploit the promising opportunities in the basic trainer segment.

Aermacchi can offer the new trainer M-311 at the same cost of a high power turboprop, thus providing the customers with true jet performance since the Phase 2 of the syllabus.

The M-311 -- a completely redesigned version of the S-211 -- will feature completely new avionics suite, aerodynamics configuration, strengthened structure and landing gear, improved ergonomics and a more powerful engine proving 30% more of thrust.

In the medium terms the M-311 market expect to overcome the 300 units while in the short terms there are three on-going campaigns in the UK, Singapore and Turkey, for over 120 units and a value of approx. 900 billion dollars.


The M-311 is a completely redesigned version of the Aermacchi basic jet trainer. The M-311 features new strengthened structures with expanded manoeuvre envelope and longer fatigue life, new systems, and new maintenance philosophy.

The new model takes advantage from the expertise in digital avionics gained by Aermacchi with the development of the MB-339CD, and from a new design approach introduced in the M-346 programme. The M-311 shows a man-machine interface representative of the cockpit environment of the latest generation combat aircraft with:

--Head-Up Display, Multi Function Displays with embedded simulation potential;
--Hands- On-Throttle-And-Stick controls.

Thanks to its turbofan engine, the M-311 associates high performance with low fuel consumption. The aircraft is fitted with simple, essential systems ensuring maximum reliability and minimum maintenance needs. As a result, the M-311 is a basic jet trainer with Life Cycle Cost lower than those of heavy turboprops, offering much better training skills thanks to a real jet environment and a real jet handling.

Operational capabilities are provided by 5 hard points capable of carrying stores up to 1,000 kg.

Aermacchi: Turkish Aerospace Industry Will Participate in M-311 Programme