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Airbus Stresses Low A380 Noise Levels (Jun 20)

The A380 has become a highlight of the Paris Air Show’s daily flight demonstrations not only because of the aircraft’s size, but also for its extremely quiet operation – even during takeoff and low-altitude passes over Le Bourget Airport.

While the 555-seat airliner’s low noise levels are impressing attendees here at the air show, they are no surprise to engineers and technicians at Airbus supplier Aircelle, who have applied the company’s extensive expertise in acoustic treatment throughout the A380’s massive engine nacelle.

“We have used some of our latest developments in noise suppression on the A380, and Aircelle continues to work on evolving its capabilities for Airbus in the future,” explained Patrick Girault, Aircelle’s vice president of engineering.

In the A380 nacelle’s thrust reverser – which is used to help slow down the aircraft after landing – Aircelle applied its new 2-degree-of-freedom acoustic treatment. This uses a two-layer stack of honeycomb sandwich panels that are separated by a porous wall. Each panel is designed to attenuate noise at different frequencies, further improving the soundproofing effect.

With its quiet operation, the A380 will meet its goal of being a “good neighbour” at even the most noise-sensitive airports around the world

The A380 Makes a Big Impression with its Low in-Flight Noise Levels