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Australia to Upgrade Logistics System (Jun 24)

Defence is planning a major upgrade to its logistics information system with Brisbane based technology company MINCOM, Defence Minister Robert Hill announced today.

Senator Hill said the Government had granted First Pass approval for project JP 2077 Phase 2B. As part of this decision, initial expenditure of $13.4 million has been allocated from within the overall Defence Capability Plan budget of $100-150 million. This funding will be used to develop and refine options and costs for the upgrade project.

Senator Hill said the project aims to upgrade Defence’s logistics system to provide new capabilities and improve information management and business processes.

Defence’s logistics information system is used to manage and track assets as they move through the logistics system from ordering to use within Defence.

"Defence’s logistics management system is a complex system which has developed in an ad hoc way over about 20 years," Senator Hill said.

"It is currently made up of more than 200 individual systems which track materials such as clothing, spare parts and other stores.

"The core logistics system known as the Standard Defence Supply System (SDSS) is installed at more than 1000 business units within Defence, handles some 600,000 transactions a year and has about 8,000 regular users.

"The system now requires an upgrade and improvements to keep up with both advancements in technology and the needs of Defence."

In 2002-03 a study was commissioned to identify the deficiencies in the system and recommend the best options for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall system. The study team recommended building upon the existing SDSS rather than replacing it with a completely new system.

The project includes an upgrade of the core transaction system of SDSS, which currently uses a MINCOM software application. Defence will therefore work with Brisbane-based MINCOM to develop the plans for this element of the upgrade project.

Other aspects of this important project include the development of an enhanced deployable logistics capability, an improved financials package, which would connect more effectively to Defence’s financial information system, and an integrated In-transit Visibility System, which will allow Defence to track the movement of stores and components across the country and at overseas locations.

Plan to Upgrade Defence Logistics System