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Avio Delivers TP400 Power Transmission (Jul 29)

Avio has delivered the first power transmission for the TP400 engine produced by the EuroProp International consortium to power the Airbus A400M. Avio’s power transmission is the biggest ever to be developed in the west: it transfers the mechanical power generated by the TP400 engine, which can develop over 10,000 bhp, to the 5.5 m diameter propeller of the military cargo.

Avio is the most important Italian company taking part in the program and is responsible for the design, development and production of the transmission, as well as all subsequent MRO work, based on a contract worth a total of ca 200 million Euro.

"The power transmission – points out Franco Rodi, head of Avio’s Aeroengine Business, is an extremely complex product, embodying innovative and stimulating technical criteria. It promotes the development of leading-edge technology for the aeronautical sector and keeps Avio at a level of unmatched know-how and experience, thereby contributing to confirm the leading position of the Group in the industry."

Avio’s transmission has been delivered to the MTU plant, where the first engine test is scheduled to take place in late August. The inaugural flight of the A400M is scheduled for the end of 2007.

The contract entered into by Avio and the European consortium EuroProp International for the production of the transmission to power the TP400 engine propeller envisages the supply of 750 engines to equip the 180 specimens of the A400M four-engined cargo ordered so far by the participating countries, the UK, Germany, France, Turkey, Spain, Luxembourg and Belgium, which have been recently joined by South Africa and Malaysia.

Of major significance is the contribution of Avio Spa, selected on account of its specific technical know-how, despite the fact that Italy is not part of the group of countries that have selected the military aircraft.

Avio is present in Italy and abroad with 14 plants and 4800 employees. Its four main lines of activity are: modules and components for aeronautical engines, civil and military engine overhauling, space propulsion systems and aeroderivative turbines for naval applications. Avio is a world leader for power transmissions. In Italy it is a benchmark in the field of aeronautical engines and the market leader in the field of solid propellant rocket engines. In 2004 company sales came to 1,220 million Euro.

Avio Delivers the First Power Transmission for the TP400 Engine