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Aero Completes Hungarian L-39 Update (Aug 26)

On August 25, 2005, AERO Vodochody a.s. handed the last of eight L-39ZOs aircraft with an extended service life to the Hungarian Air Force (HuAF).

Within the service-life extension, the aircraft undergoes large-scale checks of the airframe as well as systems.

“Supervision over the quality of work, during which all devices had to be dismounted, was very difficult. We completely changed some installations, airframe parts were repaired. In the final stage, periodic works were carried out and the aircraft were test-flown,” said Pavel Ivan, head of the AERO team.

L-39 service-life extension represents one part of the marketing package of AERO in Hungary. Last year, the HuAF leased 115 L159A and L159B demonstration flight hours. It is assumed that Hungary will be interested in long-term training of military pilots.

AERO Vodochody a.s., as an original L-39 producer, offers service-life extension programs, which were developed on the basis of service experience with the L-39 aircraft in a large number of countries and experience with unique L-39 airframe destructive testing.

Other companies apart from AERO also participated on the service-life-extension works, e.g. Air Workshop Base in Kecskemet.

AERO Has Extended Service Life of Hungarian L-39s