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BAE Systems Wins Woomera Contract (Aug. 10)

BAE Systems has been selected as the preferred tender company to provide support services in South Australia's Woomera area for the Department of Defense (DoD) Corporate Services and Infrastructure Group.

"Our selection demonstrates the Commonwealth's confidence in BAE Systems to provide high value support services and real commitment to building a secure future for Woomera," said Harry Bradford, managing director, BAE Systems Australia's customer solutions & support division. With a strong background in trial support activities and a global presence in defense and aerospace markets, BAE Systems is well positioned to attract and support future high value business to Woomera.

The company is already involved in a number of current, as well as prospective, trial activities - such as the Japanese Supersonic Transport (SST) project, the HyShot scramjet rocket trials and future spacecraft re-entry programs.

The Woomera contract, for an initial 10-year period, involves maintenance of facilities and services in Woomera Village including the commercial operation of the ELDO Hotel and the Heritage Center. Additionally, marketing and business development are components of the contract. BAE Systems has teamed with Eurest Support Services, Wagnitz Building Services, Cowell Electric, Outback Electronics and GHD to ensure a full appreciation of the customer needs and the ability to meet these needs.

"The BAE Systems-led team offers an innovative, value-based solution that creates the most positive future for Woomera through attracting new business for both the test range and the village," said Harry Bradford. "We look forward to working with the DoD over the next decade on this important project."


BAE Systems Selected As Preferred Tenderer For Woomera Support Contract