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Aero Completes Thai L-39 Refurbishment (Oct 3)

On September 29, 2005, AERO Vodochody a.s. delivered the last of 25 L-39ZA aircraft after general overhauls to the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF).

The contract on complete general overhauls of L-39ZA/ART aircraft, delivered to the territory between 1994 and 1996, signed between AV and RTAF in September 2002, was completed in contractual time and quality.

“Around one hundred AV employees participated on the overhauls project in Thailand. We overhauled 12 L-39 units at the same time on the Thai production line. Complaints have not exceeded a single-digit number,” said Jan Novotny, manager of RTAF overhauls project.

First, the aircraft were inspected and old paint was removed. Devices were dismounted, wrapped and sent for repairs to production companies. The airframe was repaired, the aircraft was painted inside and outside, repaired assemblies were mounted back. Systems activation, functional tests, cover-up, leveling and weighing followed. After engine tests, the aircraft were test-flied by RTAF test pilots. The RTAF commission then inspected the aircraft and after signing the completion certificate, the aircraft were returned to service. During the RTAF overhaul project, 12 000 devices were dismounted, around 6 500 items were sent for repairs.

“The RTAF L-39 fleet is regularly operated in temperatures around 40°C and humidity around 95%. Our aircraft show extraordinary operational reliability, having flown over 60 000 flight hours in this territory,” Jan Novotny added.

“The L-39 aircraft make the largest military jet training aircraft fleet in the world. Between 1971 and 2003, AERO Vodochody produced almost 3 000 units, which are in service in dozens of countries. That is why support of earlier produced L-39/L-59 aircraft represents one of important activities of AV Military Program,” said Jan Stechr, AERO Overhauls & Upgrades manager.

AERO Vodochody is the largest military jet training aircraft producer in the world, having produced more than 6 500 aircraft units in past 50 years, which represents approximately two thirds of the whole-world production in this category.

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