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Air Methods Joins CSAR-X Bid (Nov 4)

OWEGO, N.Y. --- Team US101 announced today that AgustaWestland, Inc. has chosen Air Methods Corporation of Denver, CO, to develop the multi-mission aeromedical interior for the US101 helicopter. Team US101 is offering the U.S. Air Force the US101 helicopter to meet its Combat Search and Rescue Replacement (CSAR-X) program needs. Lockheed Martin Systems Integration - Owego leads team US101, responsible for overall program management and final aircraft delivery to the Air Force.

"Air Methods brings great experience and professionalism to the CSAR-X program," said Stephen C. Moss, chief executive officer of AgustaWestland North America. "We believe that Air Methods' experience and capabilities provide Team US101 with a competitive advantage."

CSAR-X is a U.S. Air Force initiative to procure more capable and survivable aircraft able to recover isolated personnel from hostile or denied territory. The three-engine US101 is the leading contender in the CSAR-X competition, with a large, flexible cabin and proven combat search and rescue performance.

"Equipping our CSAR-X offering with the best possible aeromedical technologies will be of great benefit to the U.S. Air Force," said Stephen D. Ramsey, executive vice president of Helicopter Systems at Lockheed Martin Systems Integration - Owego.

Air Methods is an industry leader in providing specialized aircraft interiors for commercial and military customers. The company has developed multi-mission interior systems for a wide variety of aircraft including the S- 70A Fire Hawk and U.S. Army HH-60L Black Hawk. Air Methods' Products Division, which will perform the CSAR-X related work, specializes in the design and manufacture of aeromedical and aerospace technology.

"Air Methods Products Division is proud to be a part of the US101 team," stated Arthur Torwirt, vice president of Air Methods' Products Division. "The US101 aircraft will provide the U.S. Air Force with an outstanding platform to meet the challenging CSAR mission requirements."

The US101 aircraft is the American variant of AgustaWestland's successful EH101 multi-mission helicopter. The US101 team collectively brings unmatched rotorcraft expertise and experience to this program: Lockheed Martin (prime contractor and systems integration), AgustaWestland (aircraft design) and Bell Helicopter (aircraft production), while General Electric will supply each helicopter with three CT7-8 engines.

The American-built US101 will enable the Air Force to transport vehicles as large as a sport utility vehicle, or configure the space to accommodate 16 litters or more than 30 troops, along with weapons for 360-degree coverage of the aircraft. In service today with five allied armed forces, the worldwide - 101 fleet has logged more than 80,000 flight hours. The Air Force intends to purchase 141 CSAR-X aircraft to replace its aging fleet of 102 HH-60G helicopters.

Team US101 Selects Air Methods to Support Pursuit of CSAR-X Contract