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Alenia Marconi Shares In UK Contract (Sept.14)

The Defence Procurement Agency (DPA) of the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) announced today that they have awarded the Astute Class submarines Training Service (ACTS) contract valued at approximately £300M to the FAST Consortium, owned 50/50 by the Anglo-Italian Alenia Marconi Systems (AMS) and CAE of Canada. The value of this contract to AMS is approximately £150M.

FAST Training Services will provide comprehensive training services to the Royal Navy for 30 years to operate and maintain the first three new generation Astute nuclear submarines. The consortium will build a training centre to house the simulators and classrooms. The centre will be located in the Royal Navy's Clyde naval base in Faslane, Scotland, and will be ready for training in 2004.

The contract also includes an option for increasing the training service capacity to accommodate up to three additional submarines and for the extension of the training service to 40 years.

David Singleton, CEO of AMS said: "We are delighted to play a major role in this programme. The MOD's decision reinforces AMS's position as a leading supplier of naval training systems for the Royal Navy. It also underpins the company's strategy of developing its training and support business".

AMS will provide the Command Team Trainer, Weapons Handling and Launch Trainer, Optronics trainer, other related training devices and trainer maintenance support. CAE will provide the Manoeuvering Room Trainer, Submarine Contol Trainer, Platform Management System Trainer, other related training devices and trainer maintenance support. Flagship Training Limited will provide the building, facility management service and the instructors.


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